Ashes In A Coconut

Ashes In A Coconut by Bo Kearns

Fashion designer Laura Harrison accompanies her banker husband Jack to Indonesia, hoping to save her marriage. She expects their new home to be a romantic hideaway, like something out of a classic Bogart movie. Instead she walks into a house of horrors. White sheets cover gothic furnishings and black garments hang in the closets. It’s as if the former occupants fled from some danger. Though alarmed, Laura is determined to make things work. At the market, she sees a baby orangutan for sale, its mother killed by poachers. Her heart goes out to the poor creature and she discovers her passion── saving the endangered primates and their vulnerable habitat. Meanwhile Jack, ambitious yet naïve, becomes ensnarled in the corrupt underworld of Indonesian business and politics. He decides to finance a logging project in the rainforest, putting their marriage, and their lives, in jeopardy.  

Scheduled publication May 2019 by Moonshine Cove Publishing, LLC