Litfest Blues

Red Wheelbarrow Magazine

Published 2008 in The Red Wheelbarrow Literary Magazine

Litfest Blues | Bo Kearns

Southern Boy goes to poetry reading
First time ever. First time ever
He remembers ‘roses red, violets blue’
And words that rhyme with honey.
He sits and waits. For sweet sticky honey…

Big Al, poet laureate himself, reads blues poetry
Sings blues poetry
With voice like the Mississippi River.
Deep muddy rolling. Rolling slow.
Southern Boy closes his eyes
And dreams of

Next day he goes back for more
Famous feisty Chinese lady reads blues poetry
Imagine that. Chinese lade reads the blues.
Blues from the eyes. Deep black penetrating
Southern boy dreams
Moo shu pork barbeque.

He wants more, of that blues poetry.
No Ernest H or F Scott for him.
No Gatsby Great, Arms Farewell or Tolling Bells
Southern boy wants poetry
Deep muddy, slow rolling.
Like the river. Like the eyes.