Former Sonoma students star in ‘Welcome Home, Jenny Sutter’

Sonoma Index Tribune March 8, 2018


“A disabled U.S. Marine returns home from the war in Iraq. Instead of reuniting with her children, she takes a detour.

The gripping play ‘Welcome Home, Jenny Sutter’ was written by Julie Marie Myatt. Wendy Wisely, an adjunct faculty member at Santa Rosa Junior College, directs the local production, opening this week.

‘I first saw the play at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival several years ago,’ said Wisely. ‘I loved it and was thrilled when the theater department selection committee picked “Welcome Home” for our current season. Though the story is serious in nature, there is much humor throughout, particularly in the dialogue.’

‘It is not anti-war or political,’ she stresses. ‘It’s about one woman’s journey, yet the broader theme is the struggle communities, friends and families have in finding ways to support and welcome vets returning home.’ ” READ MORE