Land ho! New Mayflower play settling in Sonoma

Sonoma Index-Tribune August 1, 2019


In 1620 following a perilous 66-day journey across the Atlantic, the Mayflower landed at Plymouth Rock. it’s one of our first American history lessons, and every year at Thanksgiving we celebrate the English passengers who settled the Plymouth Colony, know by school children across the country as the Pilgrims. Their feast of thanks celebrating the completion of their first harvest at Plymouth is, today, a national holiday, an occasion for family and friends to gather, give thanks and enjoy the traditional meal of turkey, cranberry and pumpkin pie.

As the 400th anniversary of the Pilgrim’s landing approaches, plans for celebrations later this year and throughout 2020 are underway. One pf those events will happen in Sonoma this November, when the California Mayflower Society will present a one-act drama, ”Freedom’s Song,” at Hanna Boys Center.

“We’re thrilled to be staging this play in Sonoma. It’s the perfect place,” said Sally Jackson, membership secretary for the group. “There’s a correlation between the Pilgrims landing 400 years ago and the West Coast settlers who staged the Bear Flag revolt. Both groups sought freedom and a better life.” READ MORE